Our food is both familiar and unique; we source our ingredients from the backyards and paddocks of local gardeners and farmers, ensuring true seasonality and locality.

The Proprietor shop at 459 Townsend Street is one of the oldest buildings of Albury, with its original foundations being laid pre 1890. It started its life as a saddler and was later converted to a butchers shop. It has a large cellar underneath that was used to store meat before the days of refrigeration.

It has undergone many facelifts during its life but the renovations we have completed mark one of the biggest changes it has seen. We have endeavored to fit out the shop using as many recycled materials and equipment as possible while not forgetting function, style and ambiance. We have also made most of the furniture and fittings by hand. We focus on the really important details that make eating out a pleasure!


We serve one menu all day with a variety of dishes that can be eaten as breakfast, brunch or lunch.


Our shop is located at 459 Townsend Street, Albury NSW. We are open Tuesday-Friday 7:00-4:00 & Saturday/Sunday 8:00-4:00


Interested in getting in contact with us? (02) 60411519 or use our message box don't forget to leave your phone number

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